Simplicity is such a simple word isn’t it? Sustainability is simplicity. Simply reconnect with those you love. Simply perform a kind deed for someone plus yourself today. Simply enjoy the great outdoors and the wonders that Mother Nature has to offer. Simply save money every single day by doing small actions. I’ll share one with you. My favorite cleaner is 409. I learned from an arboretist that I have a plant in my backyard called CA Bay Leaf. So I’ve made my own cleaning agent right from the backyard. I pluck off 8 leaves, brew it just like making a cup of tea. Pour into a water bottle, add 1/4 cup vinegar, and fill the rest up with water. This cleaner acts like a degreaser and makes my countertops sparkle. The smell reinvigorates me and it sure makes me happy to save some money and experiment with home made products I use daily. Try approaching complexity with simplicity.результат раскрутки сайтаexscort services

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