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Simplicity is such a simple word isn’t it? Sustainability is simplicity. Simply reconnect with those you love. Simply perform a kind deed for someone plus yourself today. Simply enjoy the great outdoors and the wonders that Mother Nature has to offer. Simply save money every single day by doing small actions. I’ll share one with you. My favorite cleaner is 409. I learned from an arboretist that I have a plant in my backyard called CA Bay Leaf. So I’ve made my own cleaning agent right from the backyard. I pluck off 8 leaves, brew it just like making a cup of tea. Pour into a water bottle, add 1/4 cup vinegar, and fill the rest up with water. This cleaner acts like a degreaser and makes my countertops sparkle. The smell reinvigorates me and it sure makes me happy to save some money and experiment with home made products I use daily. Try approaching complexity with simplicity.результат раскрутки сайтаexscort services

New Sustainability Management Certification

Receive professional accreditation of your knowledge and skill set in sustainability management through the Sustainability Management Association. Contact SMC for more information how to get certified. topod.inasian escort dubai

Free Workshop Jan. 19th – Geared Toward Homeowners & Students

New Session January 19,2012

Reduce your costs and risks immediately with sustainable practices learned in this one-day class provided by Alliance for Workforce Development. You will walk away with a a clear plan of action, a draft policy to implement your strategy, and tracking tools to manage costs and progress. During this hands-on course you will actually start developing strategies to save on energy, water, solid waste, pollution, and other aspects that will enhance your quality of life. Pre-Registration required.


All participants will receive a handbook and worksheets. You will complete the following deliverables during the training:

• Draft of Sustainability Management System policy
• Environmentally Preferable Purchasing policy
• Tracking tools to manage and measure cost savings
• Certificate of Training in Sustainability Management

Thursday, January 19, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST
Lunch is provided *

Innovation Lab
345 Huss Lane
(enter off Aztec)
Chico, CA 95928


Free to registered participants who provide identification and registration form (see below).
$150 to participants who do not provide ID/form.

1. Passport OR driver’s license plus copy of SSN or birth certificate*
2. Completed WIA application (will be emailed to you.)
3. Laptop (optional)
4. Printed workbook (optional; workbook will be provided electronically prior to class)

How to Register

Step 1: Online Registration
Enrollment is limited to 40 participants. Register now for this free session:

Step 2: Application and ID
After registering online, you will be sent a WIA Application.
Proof of identify will be required at registration (required to attend class for free).
(bring completed form and ID with you on day of class)

Angela Casler, owner, Sustainability Management Consulting, has a wealth of senior and middle level management experience within industries spanning banking, international banking, heavy highway trucking, restaurant, business development, training, and sustainability management.

Provided by Alliance for Workforce Development
This training is provided free of charge by the Alliance for Workforce Development. AFWD is a regional nonprofit providing workforce development and human resource services to businesses, organizations, and job seekers in Northern California, including Butte, Plumas, Lassen, Modoc, and Sierra counties. In Butte County this service is conducted through the One-Stop offices in Chico and Oroville.

Contact Us
Event coordination is provided by Sustainability Management Consulting. Contact Margaret Firth:

If you cannot attend this date, you are welcome to attend another session offered on January, 20, 2012. To register:
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Create Value through Values

Creating Value Through Values. Download the pdf white paper for free.
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Soap Scum or Red Bumps??

Who knew that two adorable little boys were capable of creating such grime? Bath time ends with the discovery that my once sparkling white tub has been defaced by something resembling an oil slick! Where moments before there were only hills of happy bubbles, squeaking ducks and bobbing boats -a dark ring remains. Its attempt to take up permanent residence were met by my ferocious scrubbing with conventional household cleaners. To make matters worse, my incessant scrubbing was matched with an equal horror; my boys beautiful baby soft skin erupted in a sea of small angry red bumps. The desire to have a sparkling tub had now become more than just a bothersome daily task. It became an irritation, frustration, and worst of all a health concern.

My quick decision to purchase the cheapest product had gained me disastrous and unintended results. After reading the ingredients of the cleaning product I am not surprised they got a rash. The ingredients shown weren’t much more than a list of chemical compounds that left my head spinning. So, began my search for healthy alternatives. I found the solution with the Method Brand le scrub bathroom cleaner. Not only does it return the tub to its original bright white it also does not break my boys out in a rash. Even better, it smells of eucalyptus mint. The bottle lists the ingredients with a link. Not only was a full list of ingredients provided but it was all described in words that every mom can understand. Armed with this information, I am confident in continuing to use this product without the fear that anyone will be breaking out in an itchy irritating rash anytime soon.
Method behind the bottle

Authored by: Jill

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