Commercial Servics – The How

Evaluating the organization or person’s positive and negative impacts on social equity, environment, and economy is so important to creating a road map for the organization’s strategy to include sustainability management as a purpose. Therefore, positive impacts can be a good place to start and understanding the core purpose of the organization. A vision statement that clearly defines the values and purpose of the organization will help stakeholders understand the future direction of the organization.

Sustainable strategies encompass managing for much more than profit, but managing an organization with limited resources. Sustainable strategies encompass decisions that will benefit the natural environment, stakeholders and society, and the longevity of the business and the economy. Strategic decisions should be based on solutions that encompass a balance between all three and are focused on long-term benefits. Senior management should effectively communicate future challenges to important stakeholders and support the strategic vision of the company.

Phases can create road maps to ensure organizational success in sustainable management. Depending on organization structure and hierarchical staffing, the following phases can be implemented separately to create goals with feasible timelines:

Or can be implemented simultaneously: