Residential Services

Sustainability Management Consulting (SMC) services focus on sustainable development to transform your lifestyle to be healthier, wealthier, and happier. SMC will show you how to manage materials resources by focusing on what materials you bring into your home and reducing the costs you spend to throw materials away. The bottom line is sustainability management will save you money. Our goal is to help you understand the impacts on the natural environment, society, and the economy and design tactics to reduce negative impacts and enhance positive impacts. Sustainability management is a transformation process and a long-term journey that builds a lifestyle of social, economic and environmental responsibility.


The assessment will evaluate your current lifestyle and recommend simple steps to reduce materials consumption, such as energy, water, solid waste, hazardous materials, and pollutants. SMC will then design a lifestyle plan for you to reduce your expenses and focus on healthier habits to ensure a better quality of life.

SMC assesses inputs and outputs within your control. SMC uses closed loop management systems to help you reduce inputs and outputs, reuse any resource possible, and finally recycle any resource instead of sending it to landfill.

Outcomes and deliverables of an assessment will include:

  • How you are already moving toward sustainability in respects to social, environmental and economic responsibility
  • Assessment of social, economic, and environmental impacts, such as energy consumption, waste management, water management, and pollution risks or abatement
  • Life cycle assessment practices to reduce, reuse, and recycle natural resources
  • Proposals for short, medium, and long range target goals
  • Tools to achieve success
  • Local contractors that can help you meet your goals
  • Utility companies offer many ways to help you reach your goals, we will connect you to the right company for the right solution
  • The bottom line is that sustainability management will save you money.

Optional services are also available upon request:

  • Our team of licensed subcontractors can renovate, repair, or upgrade your home to meet the goals prepared for you
  • Evaluate your purchasing behavior and recommend alternative choices
  • Recommend healthier lifestyle activities to improve your quality of life

Assessment Process:

  • Step One The first step in the assessment process will be to discuss your long-term plans for your lifestyle and home.
  • Step Two The second step will assess your current lifestyle and assess inputs and outputs. A bonded and insured consultant will evaluate the interior and exterior material resources utilized in your home.
  • Step Three The third step will include recommendations of short-term simple changes you can make and also long-term goals to meet your objectives. We will provide you with choices you can make that will save you money and improve your quality of life.